Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMA IPA/IPS Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017

Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMA Program Studi IPA/IPS Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017 [Naskah Asli]


Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMA Program Studi IPA/IPS Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017 [Naskah Asli]

Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMA Program Studi IPA/IPS Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017 [Naskah Asli].
Tipe soal terdiri dari dua macam, bagian A merupakan soal pilihan ganda yang terdiri dari 40 butir soal dan bagian B terdiri dari 5 butir soal uraian


Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section with special direction for each part.
Question 1 to 4
In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues and question spoken in English. The dialogues and the question will spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you listen to the dialogue and question about it, read the five posible answers, and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have just heard. Now listen to a sample question.
You will hear:
Man: I highly appreciate you for helping me choose the right loan I need.
Woman: My pleasure, Sir. I hope you can use the money to buy your dream house.
Narrator: What is the topic of the conversation?
A. Asking for help
B. Giving opinion
C. Giving direction
D. Expressing pleasure
E. Expressing gratitude
Narrator: The best answer to the question “What is the topic of the conversation?” is “Expressing gratitude.” Therefore you should answer (E).
Now let’s begin with number 1.
1. A. She lost her kitty
B. Her kitty was dead
C. She could get a kitty
D. She did not have a pet animal
E. She was not allowed to get a kitty
2. A. The man felt happy to meet the woman
B. The woman got a better position in the office
C. The woman moved to a new bank in Samarinda
D. The man got a promotion to be a Branch Manager
E. The woman supported the man to be a branch manager
3. A. He wants to sit down
B. He recognized the woman
C. His plane has been delayed
D. He wantsto leave the place
E. He wants to wait for a plane
4. A. To enjoy the holiday on the beach
B. To camp by the lake
C. To go to a sea shore
D. Nothing for now
E. To take a vacation by plane
Question 5 to 7
In this part of the test, you will hear some incomplete dialogue spoken in English, followed by four responses, also spoken in English. The dialogues and the responses will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. You have to choose the best response to each question.
Now listen to a sample question.
Girl : I really made a mistake.
Boy : What about?
Girl : I have broken your pen.
Boy : That pen? Oh no.
Girl : ….
Narrator : What does the girl probably respond?
A. I’m sorry to hear that.
B. I really appreciate it
C. I do apologize.
D. I love that pen.
Narrator: The best answer to the question “What does the girl probably respond?” is “I do apologize.” Therefore, you should choose answer (C).
5. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
6. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Question: 8 to 11
In this part of the test, you will hear some monologues spoken in English. The monologues will spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to what the speaker is saying. After you listen to the monologue, look at the five pictures provided in your test book, and decide whice would be the most suitable one for the monologue you have just heard.
8. A.
9. A.
10. A.
11. A.
Question 12 to 15
In the part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Eash monologues will spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speaker is saying. After you hear the monologue and the the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have just heard.
Question 12 and 13 are based on the following monolog.
12. A. The cure for the illness
B. Beautiful lady
C. A lotus flower
D. A Rose flower
E. A pond
13. A. Jungle plant
B. The king’s spell
C. The king’s dream
D. The beautiful flower
E. Pond’s water
Question 14 and 15 are based on the following monolog.
14. A. National Disaster Mitigation
B. North Sulawesi announcement
C. The eruption of Mounth Lokon
D. Dangerous areas for people
E. Volcanic zone for living
15. A. The residents living within 2.5 kilometer radius form the mountain peak
B. The people inhabiting outside the dangerous zone
C. The people staying alert with the current situation
D. The villager staying calm while the mouth is erupting
E. The resident having no houses within the dangerous zone.
This text is for question 16 and 17.
Luis Lionel Andres Messi, born June 24, 1987, is an Argentina football player for F.C Barcelona. He- is not very tall, mainly, due to the a growing problem he had when he was younger. His eyes are brown. He never has short hair.
Lionel Messi started playing football at a very early age in his hometown’s Newell’s Old Boys. Form The age of 11, he suffered from a hormone deficiency and as Lionel’s parents were unable to pay for the treatment in Argentina, they decided yo move to Barcelona, Spain.
In the 2003-2004 season, when he was still only 16 years old, Mesi made his first team debut in a friedly with Porto that marked the opening of the new Drago stadium. The following championship-winning season, Messi made his first appeareance in an official match on October 16, 2004, in Barcelona’s derby win against at the Olympic Stadium (0-1). And now, in 2010, 2011, and 2012 he are best player in the world with collect 3 Ballon D,Or.
16. According to the text, Messi’s parents moved to Barcelona ….
A. because they were very poor in Argentina
B. because they wanted Messi to be seccessful in soccer
C. so that Messi could learn in the best soccer club
D. to get Messi’s health problem cured
E. to find the best treathment to cure Messi’s health problem
17. What is the main ideaaa of the third paragraph?
A. He hasn’t really attractive face, but he’s a very good football player
B. Lionel Messi is a good player for FC. Barcelona.
C. His best characteristics are on the foot has competitivenes.
D. He appears to be a quite good and modest person.
E. He has long black hair and brown eye.
The following text is for question 19 and 19.
Mumbai. 15 march 2017
Mrs. A vinash Kumar
Wipro Software Limited
203 Sundhakar Marg.
W Worli, Mumbai, 4000016
Reference : Buiness Partner metting
Dear Mrs Kumar,
You are invited to attend our Business Partner Metting which will be held on 21 March 2017 at our corporate office in San Jose, California.
As we already informed in our previous email on 7 March 2017, you are requested to arrange your flight, while the arrangement of your accommodation will be heandle by our office in San Jose. Our administration office will be in touch with you to coordinate your itinerary. We will send a separate letter addresed to US consulate for your visa application.
Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
General Affairs Manager
Xorx Coporation
18. What is the topic of the text?
A. The information about Business Partner Metting.
B. The description about corporate office in California.
C. The invitation to attend Bussiness Partner Metting.
D. The notofication form the US consulate about the visa
E. The request to arrange the accommodation in San Jose.
19. We will send a’separate letter addressed to US consulate for you via application.
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. citizen
B. senator
C. congressman
D. employee
E. embassy
This text is for Question 20 tp 23.
Below are some tips on how to lose weight.
1. Choose a low-crab diet
If you want to lose weight you should start by avoiding sugar and starch (like bread) sugar and starch may increase your appetite to an adequate level.
2. Eat when hungry.
Don’t be hungry. The mot common mistake when starting a low carbohydrate(carb) diet, reducing carb intake while till being afraid of fat. The problem I that carbs and fat are the body’ two main energy sources. It needs at least one. Avoiding both carbs and fat results in hunger, cravings. The solution is to eat more natural fat until you feel satisfied. You can eat butter, full-fat cream, olive oil, meat including the fat, fatty fish, eggs and coconut oil.
3. Eat real food.
Another common mistake when eating a low-crab diet is getting fooled by the creative marketing of special “low carb” products. An effective low carb diet for weight loss should be based on real food like, meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, butter, olive oil, nut, etc.
4. Stress less, Sleep more
Chronic stress may increase levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in your body. This can cause increased hunger and reasult in weight gain. Letting yourself get a good night’s sleep is another way of reducing stress hormone levels.
5. Exercise smart
Exercise bums the body’s glycogen stores, whice are essentially carbohydrate. This means that after a woekout, you can eat a little more carbs than you otherwise can permit yourself, without negative effect on insulin or fat storage. Exercise can both make you feel and look better.
20. Why dose the writer write the text?
A. To explain how to lose weight.
B. To explain how to choose real food.
C. To explain how to decrease appetite.
D. Toexplain hoe to apply low-carb diet.
E. To explain how to reduce stress hormone levels.
21. Whice of the following statement is stated in the text?
A. An affective low carb diet for weight loss should be based on junk food.
B. If you want to lose weight you should start be eating sugar and starch.
C. Cortisol can cause decreased hunger and result in weight gain.
D. A voiding both carbohydrates and fat results in starving.
E. Exercise bums the body’s oxygen stores.
22. What dose the writer suggest to lower stress hormone levels?
A. To do exercise
B. To eat good food.
C. To have enough rest.
D. To burn glycogen stores.
E. To choose a low-carb diet.
23. “This means that after a workout. You can eata little more carbs than you otherwise can Permit yourself….”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. job
B. work
C. practice
D. exercise
E. test
This text for question 24 to 26.
Jenny Gamble
15 Hall Road
Any town CO2 6SY
23rd February 2017

Dear Mary,
How are you? I’m verry well. I didn’t write earlier because I was very busy. I like my new home. It is a lovely house. I have a big bedroom looking over the garden. I helped Mummy piant the bedroom walls yesterday. We chose a pretty yellow colour.
A boy called Mark lives next door. He is the same class as me at school. Mark is very good at sports and English. He likes animals juts like we do, but even more. He says he is going to be a vet when h grows up.
I am still thinking about being a writer. Do you want me to send you the story I am writing when it is finished? It is all about animals having adventures.
Write back soon. I am really looking forward to hearing all news about you and our old neighbourhood.
24. According to the letter, how did Jenny and Mary know aech other?
A. They are sisters.
B. They are writers.
C. They lived near each other.
D. They were friends with Mark.
E. They had an adventure together.
25. What do Jenny, Mary and Mark have in common?
A. They are all interested in animals
B. They are all interested in adventures.
C. They all live in the same neighbourhood.
D. They all want to be a vet when they grow up.
E. They all want to be a writer when they grow up.
26. “I am really looking forward to hearing all news ….”
(last paragraph)
The underline words have closest in meaning to ….
A. watch something without becoming involved
B. expect something with pleasure
C. read or examine something
D. see something in the future
E. be aware of something
This text is for question 27 to 30.
Masela block decision
The President has finally decided to build the Masela gas block onshore. Depsite the ensuing. Controversy the decision has afforded certainly.
Energy and Mineral Resources Minister had previously maintained that the giant ga plant should be built offshore in accordance with the plan of development submitted by its operators, Japan’s Inpex Corporation and Dutch Shell, in 2010. Coordinating Manister proposed that te plant be built onshore.
The block contract was signed in 1998 and will end in 2028 with Inpex holding 65 percent and Shell 35 percent. In the view of The President, an onshore gas plant will create multiple and greater economic effects. The President wants the project to give a boost to regional and national economic development.
Consequently, Inpex has to review its Masela block development plan and make necessary adjustments. The next consequence is that Masela production will be delayed.
The government should therefore intesify communication with investors, especially Inpex and Shell, with all its consequences, to make them feel that they have been provided with an investment servise with a fair degree of certainly.
27. According to the text, what is the author’s main concern?
A. The Preident decision to build the Masela gas block onshore instead of offshore.
B. The hard decision of The President.
C. The giant gas plant development plan.
D. The Consequences of The President’s decision.
E. The signing of the block contract.
28. In the text, the writer suggests that….
A. the Masela gas block be built onshore
B. the Masela gas block be built offshore
C. the Masela gas block delays its production
D. the government provides more investment services.
E. the government strengthen its relation with investors.
29. According to the text, what is the reason for The President’s decision to build the Masela gas block onshore?
A. The ensuing controversy.
B. It will improve the economy.
C. Investores will have a fair degree of certainly.
D. It’s in accordance with the operators plan of development.
E. It will intensify the government’s communication with investors.
30. ….the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister belived that the Masela block should be built offshore,both the Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister … the President belived otherwise. The correct conjuctions to complete the sentence would be ….
A. While & and
B. While & with
C. When & with
D. However & and
E. Althought & with
The following text is for question 31 to 34.
A kanggoro is an animal found only in Australia. It has a small relative called a wallaby, that lives in Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, long and strong back legs and a tail. These are used to sit up and jump. Kangaroos are well known for their 8-meter forward jumps and more than 3-meters high leap across fences. They can also run at the speed of over 45 kilometers per hour. The largest kangaroos are the Great Grey Kangaroos and Red Kanggaroo. Adult kangaroos grow to a meter in length ang 90 kilos in weight.Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kanggaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body. The baby kangaroo is very tiny when it was born. It right away crawls into its mother’s pouch where it spends the first five months of its life.
Adapted from Peter Haddock Ltd., Ref.083
31. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To inform Kangaroo’s uniqueness.
B. To report the features of Kangaroo.\
C. To encourage Kangaroo’s preservation.
D. Tp describe how a Kangaroo looks like.
E. To raise awareness of Kangaroo’s special status.
32. We can conclude from the text that ….
A. the largest kangaroos are the males
B. the male kangaroos only eat grass and plants that grow in Australai.
C. Tasmania’s and New Guinea’s wallabies are different in size
D. The new born kangaroo is also skiful in jumping and leaping.
33. Which of these statements is contrary to the fact?
A. Kanggaroos are not caranivorous.
B. Kanggaroo is native animal of Australia,
C. All wllabies are of smaller size than Kanggaroos.
D. All marsupial females have pouch on the front of their body.
E. Baby Kanggaroo leave their mother’s pouch at the age of five months.
34. Look at the underline word ‘pouch’. Whice of the following words is closest in meaning to it?
A. Saving
B. Purse
C. Compartment
D. Pocket
E. Holding.
35. The topic of the text is ….
A. Promoting Jhon Dewey High School
B. hightlighting Jhon Dewey High School
C. describing Jhon Dewey High School’s position
D. presenting the facts about Jhon Dewey High School
E. explaining what makes Jhon Dewey High School unique
36. What aspect differentiate Jhon Dewey High School form conventional high schools?
A. The student
B. The courses
C. The innovation
D. The classes
E. The teachers
37. We can conclude form the text that ….
A. the innovation lies on the replacement of 40 minute metting
B. the revision of courses has been conducted
C. the school is for the upper class students in New York
D. the teachers in Jhon Dewey are mostly young
E. the most convenient place is the cafetaria
38. The positive reaction is anonymous. The underline word is closest in meaning to ….
A. cannot be seen
B. cannot be identified
C. cannot be describe
D. cannot be evaluated
E. cannot be measure
This text is for question 39 to 42.
Adam Smith was a great philosopher and economist of the 18th century. He was born in 1723 at Kirkcaldy in Scotland. His father was also called Adam Smith and he worked as a secretary but he died 5 months before his son was born.
Adam Smith junior was brought up by his mother Margaret Smith. When he wa 14 he went to Glasgow College. Adam was particularly interested in Mathematics. In 1740 he went to Oxford and he spent 6 years there. In 1746 Adam Smith returned to Kirkcaldy. Then in 1748 he began giving lectures at Endinburgh University. Finally, in 1752 Smith also became professor of philosophy.
In 1759 Adam Smith published the first of his two great books, the theory of Moral Sentiments. In 1776 Adam Smith produced his second great book, An Inquiry Into The Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations. In it, Smith argued strongly for free trade between nations.
Adam Smith said that the market may appear chaotic but it is actually guided by invisible hand. Smith also argued that division of labor increases production. In 1778 he wa given a post as a commissioner of customs in Endinburgh until he died on 17 July 1790. He wa buried in Canon gate church yard on 22 July 1790.
39. After reading Adam Smith’s biography, what can we imply?
A. Regional trade should be executed.
B. Workers should be highly applied
C. Government should determine certain countries for tranding
D. Citizens should study until tertiary education
E. Workers should be distributed on certain responsibilities.
40. What character can we learn form Adam Smith?
A. Presistent in learning.
B. Friendly in interacting.
C. Brave in speaking.
D. Simple in living.
E. Thrifty in living.
41. What was Adam Smith’s achievement in 17767
A. He applied free trade
B. He founded a publishing company
C. He published a book on moral sentiments.
D. He was successful in making a book on economy
E. He represented his nation to talk about natural resources.
42. “…. is actualy guided by invisible hand.” (paragraph 4). The underlined word means ….
A. Clear to see
B. Impossible to see
C. Hard to touch
D. Easy to hear
E. Difficult to fell
This text I for question 43 to 46.
Pakistan’s houbara bird facing extintion
The indiscriminate hunting of endangered houbara bustard birds in Pakistan by rich hunting parties form the Gulf nations have puhes the species toward extintion. The hunting was initially banned by the Pakistani courts, but under continuous pressure from the provinvial goverments of Sind, Baluchistan, and Punjab, as the federal government, recently the court lifted the ban on the hunting of this vulnerable speCIES.
Some people in Pakistan have been advocating for sustainable hunting of the species instead of a complete ban, but this is highly debatable. Reckless hunting for decades has pushed this beautiful species toward extintion and it is now critically endangered in Pakistan.
No realiable or credible statistic on the population dynamics of the species runs the risk of becoming extinct in the wild in the next few decades.
Under tese circumstances, the only logical approach to save the species from extinxtion in the not-so-distant future is to immediately start comprehensive captive breending program for the species acros the nation.
If the captive breeding program runs uccessfully and produces an appreciable number of chicks, then reintroduction programs could some restricted hunting be planned.
Only after rebuilding the population for some time in the wild and allowing them to breed naturally to reach a sustainable population could some restricted hunting be planned.
Currently, the low numbers have made this species vulnerable and with zero or poor monitoring, sustainable hunting practices in Pakistan for this dwindling species will not work.
Game hunting works only when a stable population is achives with strict monitoring on the ratio of males to female hunted per season. If the femals (no true statistics available) are being taken out of the population through random hunting, the population is sure to pas through a bottleneck in the wild habitat, with high vulnerability to eventual extinction.
The people of Pakistan ned to decide what is more important-a few petrodollars or protecting trhe biodiverity of the nation.
Saikat Kumar Basu
Lethbridge, Canada
43. What is the subject of the text?
A. The extinction of Pakistan’s houbara bird.
B. The hunting of Pakistan’ houbara bird.
C. The conservation of Pakistan’s houbara bird.
D. The rehabilitation of Pakistan’s biodiversity.
E. The protection of Pakistan’s biodiversity.
44. From the text, we know that the writer ….
A. enjoys hunting the houbara bird
B. advocates for sustainable houbara bird hunting
C. approves all kinds of houbara bird hunting
D. tries to persuade people to conserve houbara bird
E. breeds houbara bird in captivation
45. According to the text, why does the writer want all kinds of houbara bird hunting be banned?
A. The population of houbara bird I getting smaller and smaller
B. The captivation of houbara bird has been unsuccessful.
C. The houbara bird is difficult to catch
D. The houbara bird I beautiful.
E. The hunters are reckless.
46. From the passage, we can conclude that people Can resume hunting the houbara bird only …. a sustainable population is reached.
A. after
B. when
C. because
D. if
E. before
This text for question47 to 50.
Nowadays, the police have been applying the new regulation cocerning the use of sea seat belt. In European countries, this regulation ha been applied for a long time. However, this new regulation ha become controversial and is an interesting topic to discus. Here are some of the arguments.
The use of seat belts has been proven to reduce the risk of injury of death in an accident. Seat belt has become a standard component in cars. The research shows that most car accidentwill cause an injury to the head. Frequently, drivers or the passengers driving without seat belt die because of this. By wearing the seat belts, the injury will not happen since belts restrain our body on the car seat when the accident happens.
Unfortunately, many cars, epecially the old ones, don’t have seat belts. This is because the traffic conditions in the past were unlike the recent traffic conditions. The designer of old cars didin’t consider a seat belt as an important part. Beside, the drivers wearing the seat belt will think that they are completely safe, so they may drive carelessly. They are safe, indeed, but how about safety of other?
The seat belt is only one of the ways to reduce the risk of car accidents. It doesn’t mean that we are completely safe. In short, our safety depends on ourselves.
47. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
A. Old cars do not use seat belt
B. The old cars have seat belts for their safety.
C. The drivers wear eat belts may drive carefully.
D. The traffic conditions in the past were similar to the recent.
E. The old cars designer considered a seat belt as an important part.
48. What is the function of seat belts?
A. To reduce the traffic conditions
B. To become a standard component in cars.
C. To reduce the risk of injury of death in an accident.
D. To prevent the drivers driving cars carefully.
E. To increase the risk of injury in car accidents.
49. Who considered a seat belt as an unimportant part?
A. Police.
B. People.
C. Drivers.
D. Passengers.
E. Old cars designer.
50. “…. That they are completely safe.” (Paragraph 3) What does the word ‘they’ refer to?
A. Cars.
B. Seat belts.
C. Drivers.
D. Designers.
E. Others.

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